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Morrison IL

Morrison IL has a history of over two centuries. It is located in the central region of Illinois, just 50 miles away from Chicago IL. The town has an area of 1 square mile and 16 people live there currently.

Talking about Morrison IL facts will unveil interesting facts about this small community. The city was originally known as Parker Township before it was renamed to its current name. It was officially made a city in the year 1874.

The community is named after General William O’Brien Morrison who fought in the Second Seminole War and also served as mayor of Chicago IL at one time. The first settlers of this community arrived by covered wagon. They were farmers who travelled to Illinois from Kentucky in 1816.

In the year 1835, a canal was built in this community to provide transportation for local farmers from the Illinois River when they were shipping their crops. This canal can still be seen in this community. Over time, it fell into disrepair and the section that ran through Morrison was filled with silt.

The town of Morrison has its rich history preserved by Gillette Children’s Museum which opened in 1993. It is home to over 4000 historical items and artifacts relating to different aspects of life in Illinois including farms, Victorian style homes, schools, medical practices etcetera.